I'm inspired by designing creative solutions to solve problems.

I got into software development because I wanted to create and inspire positive change in the world. The process of taking an idea and building something tangible for others to use and benefit from is something I love doing.

Whether you want to start a blog, build an eCommerce website for your business, or launch a mobile application, I can help make that a reality.

Here are some technologies that I have experience working with.

I build full-stack , cloud-native websites & single page applications (SPA).

From a programming perspective, JavaScript is where I began my journey in software and I pride myself on knowing it inside and out.

I have worked with numerous JavaScript frameworks and libraries but have the most experience with React and Vue.

My preference for backend is Node.

Clients & Work


Web application that provides accurate and secure proof of funds reports. Built with React, Redux, AWS Amplify, PostgreSQL, Docker, and Material UI.

Live Site

PH Pool & Spa

A website built for a local Rochester pool company. Built with Gatsby (React) and Material UI.

Live site

Bangz Salon

A website built for a local Rochester salon. Built with JavaScript, HTML, and Sass(CSS).

Live site


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